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​Master In Influence® is for you, who share our opinion that being influential is one of the most important qualities to possess – influential meaning being able to achieve your goals while maintaining positive relations.

The course objective is to sustain your competences from Power2Influence® and incorporate them into your daily life, while also giving you the opportunity to reflect on your goals at work and thus the framework for the influence, you desire.

Typical goals are:

  • Acquire colleagues’ support to ideas and visions

  • Identify and overcome mental inhibitions which hinder you from getting maximum influence

  • Work up the courage to adhere to your beliefs and opinions despite resistance from others

​There can be many other goals though, and prior to the course the trainer will therefore contact you to discuss your specific goal for Master In Influence®. You will also take stock on your progress since Power2Influence®, which is evaluated through a new 360 degrees analysis.

The content of Master In Influence®

At the course, we will brush you up on the Influence Model through further training enabling you to master its influence styles even better. Moreover, you will be given the opportunity to ”go beyond” your behavior and learn, why you prefer certain influence styles and identify the imbedded values and passion, while also becoming familiar with the mental inhibitions hindering you from applying other influence styles. With this insight, you can come to master the entire Influence Model and have maximum flexibility in your influencing behaviour.

Master In Influence® is conducted in the same way as Power2Influence® – in brief, there will be lots of training followed by direct and personal feedback. Most exercises are derived from situations in your daily life. Time is also allocated for reflection and individual coaching sessions with the trainer.

There is a maximum of 6 participants at the course – thus, the trainer will continually have you in focus.

Who is in the target group for Master In Influence®?

Master In Influence® is for all employees – both with and without managerial responsibility. Only prerequisite is prior attendance to Power2Influence®.

What will your course yield be?

Following Master In Influence® you will:​

  • Have expanded your abilities and skills within gaining influence by strengthening your strongest influence styles and increasing your confidence, when applying your least preferred influence styles

  • Have identified and overcome your mental inhibitions and inadequate behaviour patterns limiting your power and personal impact

  • Have increased your power and personal impact, so you can be successful in even more – and also critical – influence situations in your daily life

  • Have unlimited access to a digital learning environment supporting your continued focus on influence and personal impact

Course duration

Master In Influence® is a residential course of 3 days’ duration.

You can enroll by filling in our submit​ ​form​​ or by calling us at tel. +45 70 10 71 60.​

​Citat fra deltager på Power2Influence i marts 2015

”Kursets fokus på øvelser er eminent, og den megen feedback gør, at jeg med dette kursus har rykket mig og har mere gennemslagskraft”