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How can I become more influential and achieve even more of my goals and desired results?

How can I get my viewpoints across at meetings?

How can I more effectively handle others’ resistance towards my ideas?

Do you recognize any of the above questions? Or are you facing similar challenges related to your influence and personal power? Then Power2Influence is definitely of relevance to you – throughout the years it has provided more than 40.000 people in Denmark with efficient tools for increasing their influence and personal power.

Who is the programme for?

Power2Influence is for everyone – with or without staff responsibility – who wants to become more influential.

Following Power2Influence you will:

  • Have greater personal power and influence.
  • Be able to draw upon your enhanced power and influence in ordinary situations and when under pressure.
  • Be able to optimise your influence and thereby efficiency.
  • Be able to create and maintain positive relations with others while seeking influence and achieving your goals.

How is the programme conducted?

Power2Influence is a demanding course, where you are at the centre of attention almost all of the time. The course is based on a short theoretical introduction to the Influence Model, which forms the basis for the course. Then follows exercises with intensive, practical training in applying the influence styles to the model and thereby adjusting your communication so that it leads to your objective with exerting influence. The training is followed by direct, personal feedback on your behaviour and your results. 

As closure the group of trainers gives you a summary of your feedback from the entire course. This concluding feedback is supplemented with suggestions for, where you should focus onwards when working with your influencing skills in order to optimize your yield of the course.

As prework to the course you elaborate a 360 degrees analysis. This requires you and a number of people, whom it is important that you are able to influence in your job, to answer a questionnaire about how you make use of your personal power to influence others. The analysis forms the basis for identifying your training goal for the course. Following the course you can at any time do an effect measurement in terms of a new 360 degrees analysis to survey how you have become more influential.

Close attention to each participant

To ensure optimum yield and effect of the training there is one trainer per 7 participants.


Power2Influence® is either a residential course of 3 days’ duration or a non-residential course of 4 days' duration.

You can enroll by filling in our submit form or by calling us at tel. +45 70 10 71 60.

​Citat fra deltager på Power2Influence i marts 2015

”Kursets fokus på øvelser er eminent, og den megen feedback gør, at jeg med dette kursus har rykket mig og har mere gennemslagskraft”